Our Investment in Owlet

Have you heard the term mHealth before? If you haven’t yet, you will. It means mobile health and is increasingly the way you and I will monitor our wellbeing. The emergence of low-cost cell phones, tablets and sensors has opened the floodgates for personalized, mobile health devices of all types. From mass consumer solutions such as a FitBit to more specialized wearable heart monitors for cardiac patients, mHealth is forecast to grow at a 61% CAGR and reach $26B by 2017 according to research firm Research and Markets. Owlet is positioned to monitor the most precious information of all, the wellbeing of your newborn child. If you’ve ever been a parent, aspire to be a parent or want to win the best aunt or uncle award you should check out Owlet. Owlet is a wearable smart sock for infants that brings peace of mind to parents about their infant’s health; monitoring their movement, heart rate, oxygen levels, and body temperature and giving you access to those stats in real time. Nobody cares about this more than Owlet founder’s Kurt Workman and Jacob Colvin. Kurt first had the idea when caring for his twin cousins who were born prematurely. He and his wife had a baby on the way and that, coupled with a cousin passing away from SIDS, instilled in him a passion to provide better monitoring tools for anxious parents. Jacob also knew what Owlet could do for parents through personal experience: “Hearing my sick child wheezing all night long because of serious RSV is one of the hardest experiences I have ever had, knowing I couldn’t do... read more
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