Peak Ventures started as an extension of our own experience as tech founders. Many markets, particularly Utah and the Mountain West, have no shortage of innovation and talent. But that’s not enough. We’ve assembled a team of investors that we wish had existed when we were raising money ourselves—self-made entrepreneurs who know the struggle, get out from behind their computer, and leverage their experience to increase the odds in an industry where more fail than succeed. So what?

  • We bring operational expertise to the teams we back and expect to get involved. We’re not backseat drivers, but we are accustomed to “looking under the hood” together.
  • We prefer to lead out investments as the first institutional capital in; typical investment is $500K-$2.5M.
  • Roughly 50% of the businesses we look at are located in Utah, 25% outside of Utah but in the Mountain West, and 25% are outside of the Mountain West.

We’re deliberately local but with intentional alignment outside our locale. The businesses we’ve built took on a life of their own, as many do, in terms of the people we met and geographies we entered. As a result, we have strong ties to the Bay Area and unique experience in scaling to global markets. We are therefore intentional in looking for businesses that anticipate raising additional capital, whether locally or not, as well as businesses that solve big problems, often on a global scale. So what?

  • We expect to support our teams in future raises through relationships to additional capital.
  • We have the chops for China, Brazil, and other large international markets and will leverage our expertise for you to scale globally.

Grit and perseverance never go out of style.We talk scale, efficiency, and doing more with less. And that doesn’t mean taking shortcuts. We believe that great ideas come and go, but people who are willing to stick with something, through ups and downs, are a rarer breed. We have a blue-collar work ethic and enjoy working with entrepreneurs with the same—big vision, get-it-done attitude. So what?

  • We expect there to be bumps in the road and, when we hear about it, a plan of attack.
  • We build a community among our CEOs and founders for dialogue and insight.



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More than just our money, we will give you our time, expertise and connections to help you acheive your vision and goals.


We will talk on the phone and get to know each other to ensure fit. If we feel there is an opportunity for us to add value, you will then be invited to pitch.


Send us your pitch materials in advance. This allows us to give them early consideration so we can come prepared to use our time well. We’ll explore our ability to scale your business with the addition of capital, connections & expertise.


We’ll work with you throughout the due diligence process so that we can get to know you, your team, partners, customers & market. We’ll finalize the deal with you, and assist in planning the path to scale your business.


You’ll receive a term sheet from us to review. We use simple docs, and we will sit down and walk through them together.


You’ll receive our dedication to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from building and scaling your business.

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